More Tools To Help Your Online League

Communication with other GM’s and the Commish is huge for a successful league.  Either making trades or little playful trash talking is what makes online leagues fun.  We noticed over our years that a lot of leagues use a variety of ways to communicate some just use forums others mixed.

Here at online sim manager we offer with all of our services a forum for the league operators to manage and customize, but one thing we do offer but recommend is a messaging platform. The reason we don’t have one custom built is because our favorite one to use is SLACK.


The powerful messaging tool changes the game when you start using it.  From integrating social media like twitter to your blog and forum post Slack in our opinion makes a great tool to use in your online leagues. We also offer our services to help integrate our products into slack plus a special service,LiveUpdateChannel.

If you do live online sims we work with you on your timing and we stream updates right to that channel making it an easy and fast way for others to look back real time on what is happening in the game. It also give those who can’t watch at that time a way to stay in the action.

With our help we can take your league to the next level.

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