OOTP Baseball Options

We have 3 hosting options for the online leagues of OOTP Baseball

Bronze Plan $5 a month

This plan gives you the simplest fastest way to setup your league.

Your league url will look something like this http://yourleaguename.onlinesimmanager.com

Silvar Plan $10 a month

If you already own a domain and want to transfer it so we host (our hosting options tend to be cheaper than the traditional but you still have to pay yearly your domain reg. fee roughly 10 to 15 from who you bought it from).

Your league url will something like this


Gold Plan $10 a month + whatever domain fee is for buying a new domain(usually $10-$15)

This is prefect for brand new  leagues, we will work with you on your domain choosing. Once you find your perfect domain we purchase it and host it for you. The price is all bundled together.

All of our options offer the following.

Hosting Benefits:

  • Report,Teams,League,Live Sim Setup for you. All you have to do is point your ootp commish setup files to us.
  • Huge disk space for Online Reporting or Complete Reporting of your choice
  • WordPress setup for your league blogging.
  • Forum setup for your league.
  • FTP access to upload extra files like images or other media.

For questions contact us today.